Advertise in the Official Race Program

We invite you to advertise in The Official Race Program

  • Advertise in the 2023 Official Race Program

    We invite you to advertise in The 2023 Official Race Program. This premier social and sporting event has it all; from style and class to the demographic any business would want to be associated with, advertising in our Official Race Program is a great and inexpensive way to start. Patrons pour over each and every page to look at the photos, ads and of course the entries for each race on the card. Consider this…

    • Your paid ad does more than just advertise – 100% of the inside ad revenue goes nonprofit partner.
    • The demographics of our spectators rank among the top earners in the Charlotte DMA, making the Queen’s Cup a wonderful venue to promote your organization
    • Don’t have a business – consider making a “pronouncement” of a wedding, birthday, an anniversary and more
    • Appeals to a broad spectrum of industries as well as individuals seeking maximum access and exposure to a lifestyle-specific audience
    • Please note: All ads must be purchased and sent to the pre-press by 5 pm, Monday, April 3, 2023.
    Click Here to download our 2023 AD form