Larger Groups - For Non-Profit Groups

Heart Break Hill

Heart Break Hill is specifically designed and reasonably priced for large groups with special pricing for non-profits and alumni groups. It provides your guests with exceptional viewing on the rail at the top of the backstretch on turn 3.  Heart Break Hill is where many races are won or lost!

Your package will include:

  • Private tent
  • Fenced lawn
  • All guest badges
  • Parking passes to park at your tent
  • Passenger bus pass to park in the Green Spring Lot (minimum of 50 guests for bus pass)
  • Additional badges may be purchased
  • Friday access pass (Bring all your “stuff,” set up, and leave overnight for a hands-free Saturday!)

This product cannot be purchased through our website. Please call us at 704.843.7070 for prices, or click the link below to submit an online request and we will contact you as soon as possible with purchase options.

Restrictions: Heart Break Hill is a restricted area and requires HBH badges to be worn at all times. Patron-supplied tents, canopies, awning, or umbrellas are not allowed. May purchase up to additional 2 Green Spring car passes.